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Growth & Marketing Senior Manager

France, Île-de-France, ParisSharelock

Job description

Sharelock's mission is to massively unlock bicycle usage, solving the secured parking challenge, at scale. Sharelock develops, deploys and operates the first shared lock solution in the world in partnership with city authorities and mobility operators to massively enable active mobility. Based on mobility expertise and proprietary data,Sharelock also develops a highly disruptive insurance solution. Through both solutions, Sharelock gathers unique personal mobility data.

To cater for sustainable development imperatives, public policies fostering bicycle usage have flourished since the 2000’s. If most of those policies have been focusing on equipment and cycling lanes, only limited attention has been given to secured parking, despite being at the very core of the bicycle system. Starting from the fact that parking and theft constitute the key obstacle to bicycle usage in cities, Nicolas LOUVET and Alexandre MOLLA, both fiercely passionate about mobility, have launched SHARELOCK, an innovative response to the secured parking challenge at scale, in particular for bicycles.

The Growth & Marketing Senior Manager is responsible for crafting the initial marketing mid-term strategy and related tactics to boost brand awareness, reputation as well as acquisition during our launch / scale up phase starting Mar 2022.

Mission initially focused on i. launch and scaling of a highly disruptive bike insurance product (already showing traction), and ii. the launch of 1-3 cities in 2022 with regards to our shared lock solution (cities already identified and in the final phase of closing).

Key missions

  • Leverage existing work done on branding and existing deployment plan to craft a mid-term strategy, bearing in mind stated objectives

  • Setup, launch and run initiatives on selected online and social media channels,

  • Setup key performance marketing tools

  • Review and improve current website for SEO purposes

  • Consider select targeted offline / street campaigns if/when relevant

  • Setup performance management tools, integrated with existing Tools

Job requirements

5 years minimum in a career path across the following sectors and positions:

  • Demonstrated ability to carry on similar missions successfully

  • Strategic consulting and / or Senior marketing position within a scale-up

  • Operational experience in a high growth startup experience

  • Entrepreneurship

Special skills:

  • Very strong strategic thinking skills

  • Strong creative skills

  • Strong analytical and operational skills

  • Solid knowledge of performance marketing levers

  • Strong ability to deal with ambiguity, move fast and take risks