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Support Specialist

RemoteFrance, Île-de-France, FranceCrowdSec

Job description

Who we are: CrowdSec is a cybersecurity editor with a human-sized team of experts in their fields. Most of the team works remotely since day 1. Our free and open-source software is used in more than 150 countries worldwide by thousands of users and we intend to get millions of them. We are animated by a mission: making the Internet a safer place, altogether

What we are up to: Our mission is to deter opportunist and organized Cybercrime, through an Internet-scale, real-time, security network. This network is powered by thousands of users, sharing with one another the aggression they blocked with our open-source software. By coupling this local behavior analysis and sharing its findings within our community, we create a Crowd-Sourced Cyber Threat Intelligence of unprecedented magnitude that will counter the vast majority of technical hacks.

What you get: Rewarding salary, stock options, eye-opening behind-the-curtain adventure in the field of cyber security, experience sharing with repeat entrepreneurs, and a job with a greater purpose. Good chances you could be part of an industry-defining adventure, in its early days.


  • Work hand-to-hand with the core/web teams to organize user support

  • Find innovative ways to improve the community users autonomy

  • Nurture a knowledge database for the FOSS components

  • Help the community users find their way around the FOSS components

  • Contribute to the triage and qualification of issues, bug-reports and feature requests, for both the open-source community and partners network

  • Provide feedback to the core and web teams based on user’s issue for a continuous self improvement dynamic

  • Interface between dev teams and users to ensure swift resolution of issues

  • Partake and moderate technical/support discussions on discord, discourse and reddit

  • Help extend the software with the help of dev teams.

Job, at a glance

We look for an autonomous, English-speaking person to join the team and help us organize and nurture technical support around our open-source software suite.

Our community is growing at a great pace with people from all over the world. We are looking for a support role that will help us improve the user experience and journey. The role is mostly technical and detail oriented.

You will be CrowdSec's main interface between the development teams and the community. Your role, besides providing technical support to the community and partners, will help organize and mature knowledge around the software to permanently improve users’ autonomy and overall journey.

You will interact with the community and the development team, either to solve complex problems faced by users, but as well to funnel and structure user feedback to help permanently improve the software.

Knowledge of the Linux ecosystem is mandatory as you’re expected to support admins around the world. Experience in programming and cyber-security is a plus. English is mandatory, and passion for open-source is compulsory.

We understand someone covering all this is rare & exceptional. If it's you, you're hired, if not but you cover most of the spectrum, we'll train you and the job is yours!

At CrowdSec, our priority is to deliver great, robust and versatile open-source software to offer digital protection to the greatest number. Our community is our greatest strength and by growing it, we will outnumber hackers. Are you in to tackle the biggest challenge of this decade? Come & apply!

Job requirements

Required experience: 1 year minimum

Time zone: CET +/- 2 hours

Work from home: Yes

Languages: Minimum: English C1 - Wished: English C2

Technical requirements:
Appreciated technical skills:

Skills: Service-oriented team player, creative, very responsive, communication master, you think long term and love to automate most tasks.

Plus: You can prove meaningful expertise in supporting users and contributing to solution improvements.