System Operations Engineer

Job description

Job highlights

Required experience: 2 years minimum

Package: Base salary + Stock options, adjustable based on experience

Time zone: CET +/- 4 hours

Work from home: Yes


Adaptability, flexibility, and doer. You really love context switching. You love to discuss with users in the community to better understand the optimal solutions. You like team work, you are organized and have an analytical mindset, you highlight problems but always bring a solution



  • Package for various targets (linux distribution, containers etc.)
  • Help integrate us on various platforms (k8s, docker, aws/gcp etc.)
  • Lead and coordinate integration of our solution into technical stacks : package availability, common architectures compatibility (including bouncers), scenarios relevance, understanding of usual pain points
  • Coordinate changes in the software with the other teams to assure compatibility with given environments and easy update/repackage/ recompilation over time
  • Work with the community manager to identify relevant stacks to target
  • Be able to put yourself into a given persona shoes to understand usual pain points and reflect on needed changes

Who we are: CrowdSec is a human-sized team of experts in their fields, very well-financed. Most of the team works remotely since day 1. Our software is used in 90 countries worldwide by thousands of users and we intend to get millions of them. We are animated by a mission: making the Internet a safer place, all together.

What we are up to: Our mission is to deter opportunist and organized Cybercrime, through an Internet-scale, real-time, security network. This network is powered by thousands of users, sharing with one another the aggression they blocked with our open-source software. By coupling this local behavior analysis (think 2021 fail2ban) and sharing its findings within our community, we create a Crowd-Sourced Cyber Threat Intelligence of unprecedented magnitude, that will counter the vast majority of technical hacks.

What you get: A strongly Cybersecurity anchored experience, in a fast growing startup aiming to become the leader of its branch. Good salary, meaningful stock options, a team of blackbelt pros in their fields and cool interactions with a very interesting community.

Job, at a glance

This network is powered by thousands of users, sharing with one another the aggression they blocked with our open-source software.

You’re part of the core team to ensure that we can run and be relevant on as many platforms as possible. You own the packaging and technical distribution topic. When the question is “do we run on $tech_stack ?”, you’ll make sure the answer is yes. To do this, you’ll either experiment yourself and build reliable designs, and/or discuss with the other team members to agree on the necessary changes in the components. You are as well implicated in the automation of the various repositories we provide to our users and are very active in the maintenance of our Hub. Contributors will also be held by hand and reviewed by you and other team members.

By the way, we’re not selling shoes on the internet, we’re trying to make the internet a safer place for everyone by creating and distributing open-source software. Love for at least open- source and interest in security is strongly advised !

In this mission to bring the product to as many users as possible, you’re not alone. Actually you team with our DevOps Advocate / Community manager who identifies community needs, groups of users using technical solutions that do not yet have access to us but would greatly benefit from it. He discovers / answers the need, you make it a reality in a timely manner. This could cover compiling for another platform, shipping a customized docker image, assembling a package or developing some line of codes in frequently used languages to facilitate integration.

You’re technically versatile, like exploring and automating, user satisfaction is your first concern and taking some days to dive in a new framework or package format is your thing.

Job requirements

Must have

  • Strong linux knowledge
  • Knowledge and experience with CI & build systems (github or gitlab)
  • Experience with at least one packaging system (deb or rpm or docker images or helm)
  • At least one public cloud (AWS preferably)
  • Familiarity with at least one IAC (terraform or salt or puppet or cloudformation)
  • Debugging skills
  • Past system administration/production experience

Nice to have

  • Coding skills (python & golang being the two main languages)
  • Familiarity with orchestration systems (kubernetes)
  • Open-source experience
  • Security skills
  • Windows knowledge